Crowd Funding Guide
Crowd Funding Guide

                            How to Get a Suitable Crowdfunding Site


Crowdfunding is a common practice all over the world where it aims at collecting funds for a project or any public venture through the use of the internet from a large number of people. When crowdfunding is taking place, it usually involves actors who can be categorized into three. The first actor is the one who initiates a project or any activity that needs funding. There must also be the second actor who includes all people who endorse the project and offer their support and the third actors include an organization of people who will help in the launching of the project through the internet for the purposes of crowdfunding. Most of these projects that attract crowdfunding are social projects that will have an impact on quite a large number of people.


Crowdfunding has many roles including bringing efforts of different individuals in a large crowd with the aim of supporting a project that has been launched. These individuals also play a very important role in lobbying for more about support from their online communities which helps increases the support for the project. Crowdfunding website also plays a major role in enhancing the profile of the major actors of the project and also marketing them to a large number of people in the online communities.


There are various crowdfunding websites which help in acting as networking elements with the aim of achieving the objectives and the needed results. These crowdfunding websites usually support projects in various sectors including creatives works such as journalism, blogging, and music, opportunities and projects related to agriculture and food security, science and technology, real estate as well as projects in philanthropy and civic.


There are various websites available for the purposes of crowdfunding and there are various factors one has to consider to get the most suitable. The most important thing which should be put into consideration first is knowing the kind of project one is seeking fund for and also its goals, then look for all sites that offer crowdfunding services for such projects. As an actor, it is also important to make sure that the project for crowdfunding is appealing to the online communities to ensure it gets the needed funding. One should have a clear guide on how the garnered funds are going to be used which will ensure that the project will get enough support. In every crowdfunding website, it is important to have a model for crowdfunding that suits the project for funding from the online communities. Watch this video at and know more about crowdfounding.