Crowd Funding Guide
Crowd Funding Guide

Benefits of Using Crowdfunding Websites

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowd funding refers to the process of funding an enterprise by convincing a large number of people to contribute a small amount of money. It is mostly done over the internet. 

Why has crowdfunding emerged?

Many entrepreneurs do not have adequate funds to start their business. What they have is an ideas which has a lot of potential for growth in future. What they need is capital. They have to look for funds. Banks loans are an option but most banks do not provide funds to startups without security. This is because they are not sure whether the startups will be able to finance the loan by making monthly payments. Most startups do not have any security to secure the loan facility. The banks can no longer be an option for them. They therefore look for a large number of people to whom they explain the vision of their startup and the growth they project they will have achieved by the end of a specified period. If the people believe in the dream and the projected growth, they contribute a specified amount of money as capital for the business to begin its operations. They are referred to as investors. They will recoup their investment once the business is up and running and has started gaining profit. See site here for many resources about crowdfunding in all it's different styles!

What is the best crowdfunding website?

There are many crowdfunding websites on the internet at All these websites provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to source funds for starting their business. There are various factors that should be considered before one selects a crowd funding website.The first one is its reputation. An entrepreneur is supposed to choose a crowdfunding website that has built a name for itself in the finance world. There are some websites that do not have a good name in managing the funds that are sent to its account.Entrepreneurs are supposed to choose the websites that have a proven record of managing its finances well.

What to look for in a crowdfunding platform? 

An entrepreneur is wise to choose a crowd funding website that has dealt with many clients with successful funds raised. They are supposed to have helped many people raise funds for their business. This will show that they have a lot of experience in convincing people to contribute funds towards a given project. Entrepreneurs can then rest assured that such a website is managed by experts in the financial world. The methods they use to notify people of a given project should also be considered. 

Wrapping Up

Crowd funding is a new concept in the financial world. It has shaped the way different people behave with the money they make. It has enabled many small businesses to grow into big companies that not only generate an income for the owners but also act as drivers of the economy. Look for more facts about crowdfounding at